To the top of the Glass

Name: Dallas
Hometown: Ukiah, CA.
Experience: 2yrs
Bar: Joe's of Lafayette
Status: SINGLE!
Favorite Drink to Make: Shots!
Least Favorite: Anything blended
Most Requested: Red Bull Vodka
Personal Favorite: Swan's Neck Vodka and Red Bull
SM: How did you become a bartender?
Dallas: I'm kind of a big deal. I know people... haha!
SM: What is the worst/best pick up line you've heard in a bar?
Dallas: "So.. did it hurt when you fell".
SM: What is your funniest/worst bartending experience?
Dallas: On my second or third day working, I had a customer order a "blue dolphin". After pretending like I knew what he was talking about, searching through drink books and asking other bar tenders how to make a blue dolphin, I finally gave up and asked him what was in a blue dolphin to find out that it's just water!
SM: What is the most annoying thing a customer has done?
Dallas: Pulled a "How to Make a Drink" book out of their pocket.
SM: How far would you go for a big tip?
Dallas: To the top of the Glass!
SM: What would you do if you were propositioned by an attractive drunk customer?
Dallas: I pull this one all of the time - "You would have to ask my Girlfriend".
SM: Front door, back door or it doesn't matter as long as you gain entry?
Dallas: There is a wrong and a right way to do everything, but sometimes it's right to do the wrong thing.
SM: How do you like it - hard on the rocks or straight no chase?
Dallas: Straight, but I can handle a little bit of a chase.
SM: What do you want us to know about you?
Dallas: I am just a happy person all around and it takes a lot to make me have a bad day. I don't take life too seriously. No one gets out of here alive anyway.