Hard on the Rocks

Name: Cassandra
Hometown: Hayward, CA.
Experience: 4yrs
Bar: 222 Club
Favorite Drink to Make: Margarita
Least Favorite: Long Islands
Most Requested: PBRs
Personal Favorite: Whiskey & Coke
SM: What is the worst pick up line you've heard in a bar?
Cassandra: "Can I suck on your collar bone?" - Da Brat
SM: What is your funniest/worst bartending experience?
Cassandra: I took a drink away from a customer and he cursed me out - I had to call the cops with a bat in hand!
SM: What is the most annoying thing a customer has done?
Cassandra: Touch my hair...
SM: Do you mix business with pleasure?
Cassandra: Yes! Shots all night and innocent but naughty fun with my fellow bartenders.
SM: How far would you go for a big tip?
Cassandra: Not far - if your good they come rolling in!
SM: What makes you blush?
Cassandra: I don't blush easily =)
SM: Front door, back door or it doesn't matter as long as you gain entry?
Cassandra: VIP - so were not bothered.
SM: How do you like it - hard on the rocks or straight no chase?
Cassandra: Hard on the rocks! No chase ever!
SM: What do you want us to know about you?
Cassandra: It should always be about having a good time, with good people, drinks, and music!