Party Buses – All Luxury, All VIP, and No D.U.I.

The ultimate party experience is to take a night out on the town without any hassles. Renting a party bus for the night is a great solution. The luxurious elements of the party bus and simplicity of the idea, is almost irresistible. Many buses come with leather couches, TV's, DVD players, game consoles, and mobile bars. Whether you want to party with 10 or 50 of your closest friends, there is a bus or limo to fit your group and wallet.

Many charter bus and limo companies offer packages with their bus rentals. It can vary from ordinary business outings to night club and winery parties. Club hopping, bar hopping, whichever one you prefer, a party bus is the answer when it comes to transportation. Usually, nightclub tours and bachelor(ette) parties include all cover charges to your choice of clubs. They also give you the VIP treatment you deserve, no waiting in line.

The most important element and advantage to renting a party bus or limo is safety. No more worrying about who's the designated driver or who's calling a cab. Party buses give you the freedom to enjoy yourself and avoid getting pulled over. Your professional bus driver will pick you up at a pre-arranged location for your convenience, and chauffer you around town. Charter bus and limo companies hire experienced bus drivers to transport you and your friends around the city.

So, next time you're thinking of throwing yourself a party, make sure it's on a chartered party bus or limo. You'll receive All Luxury, All VIP, and No DUI.