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How Can I Become a Professional Bartender?

Becoming a professional bartender is a great way to have fun, enjoy your job, and earn good money. Bartenders are social and outgoing people with great customer service skills.

There are many great bartending schools all over the nation. They have flexible day, evening, and Saturday classes to fit all types of schedules. Bartending training can also be taken over the internet, through home-instructional videos and CD-Roms. Most of the institutions offer lifetime job placement, after you’ve passed certification. TIPs (Training for Intervention Procedures by Servers of Alcohol) is a recommended course for all aspiring bartenders. This qualification can get your foot in the door for most bartending positions and it is often required by employers.

Whether you choose bartending as a profession or a leisurely activity, your access to bartending instruction is endless. So, you’re sure to find a school and schedule to fit your needs.

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